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A2K ABM Program to 2,000 accounts delivered an ROI of 2000:1
Arbor A2K Campaign
Arbor A2K Campaign
Arbor A2K Campaign
Arbor A2K Campaign
Arbor A2K Campaign

To improve conversion rates in EMEA, Arbor wanted to focus its resources on 2,000 target accounts (the A2K) to maximise sales. This was designed to be a three-year programme – an unprecedented campaign length for Arbor. Over the course of the campaign, we achieved click-through and open rates more than double the industry standard, delivered ROI of more than 2000:1 in some cases, and helped deliver new business worth an eight-figure sum.


The cyber security market is incredibly competitive and very noisy. There are times when hardly a week goes by without a story hitting the headlines about a security breach or the loss of sensitive data. IT decision makers are being bombarded with information about hacking, phishing, DDoS, ransomware, and so much more.


First and foremost this campaign had a long-term objective to better integrate sales and marketing teams, and get away from an over-reliance on leads in favour of focusing on the importance of regarding customers and prospects as accounts. In effect, this gave the sales teams leads that had been nurtured to a much greater extent, and introductions to targeted individuals who were already familiar with Arbor.


Relevance is so important in any targeted marketing or ABM programme. So we used audience insights gleaned via social listening to augment existing contact data. We used intelligence loops, combining insight collated from digital tracking, social monitoring, plus sales calls and meetings to continually refine these insights. This allowed us to predict more accurate buyer and decision-maker scenarios, segment more meaningfully and sharpen our messaging. Individuals on the A2K list were targeted with a series of content assets that included whitepapers, infographics, and videos. We also engaged in a focused direct mail video brochure campaign. All the content was hosted on individual, bespoke landing pages - some gated, some not - and communicated via an ongoing email marketing campaign, managed through Marketo.

We've been delighted with the campaigns Enigma has been driving for us. They have combined creativity with informative content, based on a solid analysis of data and a real understanding of our needs and the needs of our target audience. Furthermore, they've been totally results focused and have had a significant direct impact on sales.

Kathy Anderson
  • EMEA Marketing Manager
  • Arbor Networks

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