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Repurposing existing material for a digital nurture campaign

Sometimes you might be sitting on some great content that, with a bit of TLC can be transformed into an array of valuable, relevant material. We helped Barracuda take a new bold message to market with a series of content and email comms that explained complex and timely cyber security issues and how to counter them.

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Someone once said that if you keep doing the same old things, all you’ll get are the same old results. So, if you want to shake things up, well that’s exactly what you have to do – be a little different, give things a shake. With old contacts, the challenge of standing out and getting noticed is even greater. Especially in a sector that is already highly marketed to, such as the cyber security sector; you’ve got to make your hard-won expertise, gathered over many years, seem relevant to the issues customers are currently facing.


One of the first things we did was to conduct a content audit to see what existing material could potentially be repurposed or improved upon. We then started work on a bold new message that would spearhead our efforts to re-engage the list of old contacts. The word Discover became the key message. It helped explain that we wanted contacts to discover Barracuda, and to discover valuable information in the content we sent them. That content included a Top 10 Tips on ransomware paper, a video, a landing page to host the assets, and two strands of email activity – one personalised for a tech audience, the other for a business audience.


The content we selected was re-worked to meet the needs of two personas, business and tech, which was an effective way of making content meet the needs of different readers. We created flows in Pardot to nurture all the cold leads, and repurposed the assets for a media campaign. Additionally, the whole campaign ran in English, French, and German.

Revisiting contacts that have gone cold needs to be done carefully. You can’t simply send people the same things you’ve sent them in the past – you’ve got to make yourself as relevant and valuable as possible.

James O’Flaherty
  • Group Account Director
  • Enigma Marketing

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