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Animated infographics tell a compelling story with global online security statistics

In depth research is a great way to generate your own original content and demonstrate your understanding of a sector. But if your research outputs are too in depth it can be a challenge to draw out the salient points and capture your audience’s attention. We worked with FireEye to produce infographics comparing the state of cyber threat awareness in the EMEA and APAC regions to help convey this important information in an easy-to-digest manner, and guide readers to download the full report.


Thorough, in-depth research can be the lifeblood of a successful campaign. But if you aren’t able to make your findings accessible and relevant to your target markets you risk a real loss of potential impact from your research.


We created two infographics one each for the APAC and EMEA regions. They were based on key data points found within the report and - in some cases - offered points of comparison between the two, notably the average length of time taken to detect data breaches. This meant we were able to give some of the highlights and headlines, without simply offering up the entire report to the public domain.


Highlighting the idea of a security gap as the main theme, each infographic guided the reader through a series of scrollable screens to the key points relating to them. The gap between attackers’ preparedness and that of the organisations they target was told via animated graphics that explained the extent of data breaches, how hard they are to detect, and the damage they do. Ultimately, the infographics led to a sign-up screen where readers were able to download the report in full.

You have to be able to make content interesting, appealing, and most of all relevant – especially in the B2B tech space. We broke the MTrends report down into a series of compeling data points and used them to tell a story that conveyed a sense of the report's value via the quickest route to readers' attention.

Sean Fleming
  • Head of Content
  • Enigma Marketing

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