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Iponweb is an AI, data and engineering company regarded as a pioneer by the ad tech industry. The company wanted to create an exciting website that would better align with its reputation for providing top quality bespoke trading platforms, and support it with a series of attention-grabbing videos.


The complex nature of Iponweb's work meant there was a lot of information to include in the videos and on the website. We decided to split the content into four different solution types to make it easy to digest without diluting its impact. The videos had to work hard too, telling the story of what Iponweb does, and covering all the main points of its service areas. The result was an easy to navigate website and visually compelling videos that presented all the client's information in a neat and user-friendly way.


Successful advertising is about creating connections between brands and their audience. So we took this as the inspiration for a series of visual treatments that went on to shape the new website and the videos. Evoking the idea of connections and connectedness, we used a hi-tech look and feel – and soundtrack – to make sure the videos emphasised the client's standing in the AI space.


Telling a complex story in a way that makes it accessible and compelling is never as easy as it sounds. That was part of the challenge here. The videos, for example, had to work without a soundtrack as they would be used in public spaces. But constraints like this force you to be at your creative best. The visual fabric we created for the videos was so well received the client chose to use additional elements of it on the website.

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