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Acquired by Facebook in 2014 for a breathtaking $2bn, Oculus is one of the names that dominates the virtual reality (VR) sector. VR is without doubt one of the most immersive and impressive tech platforms to have come along in recent years, but all the attention is on its use as a consumer technology. There are many great potential applications for VR in the B2B space – some more obvious than others. Oculus turned to Enigma to help develop its business brand and proposition.

Facebook Oculus for Business website
Oculus for business


Create a compelling but simple story for why VR is a relevant, high value solution for B2B. Develop naming convention for the solution to position it as a B2B sell. Move at speed to conclude messaging development and site design in time for internal and external deadlines. Create a site that could easily explain the various usages of Oculus for Business and provide a UX that moved users through to purchase.
Oculus for business Cinema 4D model


Our work focused on highlighting how Oculus’s USPs – such as its developer and platform ecosystem – were solutions for Business. The name ‘Oculus for Business’ was selected as it is clear, uncomplicated, and easy to understand, plus it aligns to other Oculus brands. Once a messaging framework was established our creative team were able to develop a visual story to compliment the copy we wrote to use on the new site, all designed to lead users through a journey to purchase as quickly and simply as possible.


We were able to establish a new B2B positioning and messaging framework to inform the new Oculus for Business site structure. We developed new imagery to tell the story of Oculus for Business visually and we delivered a new digital location for all Oculus for Business traffic, enabling them to go to market in advance of the deadline - ensuring no potential sales were lost.

It’s very rewarding to work on the development of a new brand and proposition. Especially when it’s in one of the most attention-grabbing parts of the tech sector, and with one of the most well known and respected brands.

James O’Flaherty
  • Group Account Director
  • Enigma Marketing

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