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Bringing Over-C to Life: A Brand Transformation Story



Over-C needed a complete ‘re-boot’ of its branding, positioning and messaging. Enigma created a value proposition – ‘Job Done’ – and brand identity, both of which fed into the creation of a new web site. The work revitalised the entire company, from employee engagement to customer acquisition.


Enigma interviewed a series of stakeholders, including executives and customers. The major insight was that key customer concerns previously considered independent were in fact closely interlinked. This gave rise to the Circle of Confidence and the ‘3 C’s’: this lays out the value proposition – Over-C gives venue leaders Confidence that they can meet their Compliance and Cost Control needs and deliver a compelling Customer Experience – in a single line.

During these interviews, the phase ‘Job Done’ emerged as Over-C’s Single-Minded Proposition. One definition of this is to ‘fulfil one's task, to do what one is required to do’ which certainly applied to a company that deploys that ensure individual activities are carried out. Another definition is something said of an achievement, ‘especially when it seems easier or quicker than expected’ and Over-C’s dashboard makes light of the complexity of facilities management. The phrase also communicates a quiet confidence that is perfectly aligned with Over-C’s culture. Job Done – and the associated messaging – was quickly approved by Over-C.


With the SMP and 3 C’s approved, the Enigma studio created a custom font for Over-C using lower case text to reflect the quite confidence of the brand. The key feature is the ‘c’ in over Over-C, picked out in a different colour with a simple ‘pie’ element to indicate the data analytics that are core to Over-C’s effectiveness. The ‘job done’ design utilises the same elements, but with the pie joined to the ‘c’ to create the ‘o’ in ‘done’: this symbolises that Over-C is its clients’ missing link, closing the loop in terms of providing them with complete visibility of frontline activity.

With the positioning and design elements in place, the race was on to get the new web site live in time to support Over-C’s participation in World Rail Festival 2019 in early December. This required Enigma’s account teams to co-ordinate activity across its copy, design and digital development activities.


The project addressed the lack of clarity as to how Over-C articulated itself to the outside world. “Our Value Proposition and Messaging now properly reflect the quality of the solution we have created and help to point the way towards how our technology might evolve in the future,” said Hegarty.

Perhaps the greatest impact in sales. “The messaging has empowered our sales team to raise their level of engagement,” said Hegarty. “It’s like they all know their lines when they walk on the stage and they don’t have to second guess the prospect – they nail their pitches every time. It’s so much easier to book meetings and we’re doing so many demos. In fact, since we launched the Value Proposition and Messaging, the number of deal opportunities we’re creating has increased by more than 35%.”

The difference between where we were then and now is like night and day. Everyone is 100% bought into who we are and how we articulate our value and the work that Enigma has done for Over-C has brought so much more structure to our business.

Riona Hegarty
  • CMO
  • Over-C

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