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Retail Insights provide clients in the retail sector the information that enables them to maximise in-store sales, with the ability to provide the information that can make huge differences to a retailer's sales. Working with RI, we were able to demonstrate this value specific to each of a select group of European retailers that led directly to a new client win with a dramatically reduced sales cycle.

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Quickly articulate the business value RI can provide to a selection of fewer than 20 target accounts.

Explain the specific value and benefit implementing RI solutions could make to a group of time-poor executives and accelerate the sales cycle to enable faster time to value.


Working with RI, we created unique messaging for each retailer, then created content mapped to the buying stages of each account. We created a campaign integrated across multiple channels - social, email, retargeting, direct mail and sales – to deliver messaging that was to the point and articulated the amount of money RI could deliver in additional sales and reduced waste costs in the first year of a contract.


From 16 accounts, we were able to target no fewer than 400 contacts over a two-month period to deliver the following:

  • Engagement rates above industry average in every media channel used
  • Meetings with 5 new contacts
  • 1 new deal that provided program ROI of 12:1 within 6 months

We put a lot of work into getting the message right for each account – researching the businesses in question thoroughly and then providing meaningful content directly related to their challenges. We then used high impact direct mail for the key contacts and as a direct result generated at least one deal for RI in a time frame that meant greatly reduced sales cycles.

James O’Flaherty
  • Group Account Director
  • Enigma Marketing

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