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With a new focus on boardroom and business contacts, Symantec needed to expand their footprint, get closer to more senior level contacts and engage across multiple territories with a consistent value proposition. So, we created a framework and a series of tools and assets to help foster sales conversations with line-of-business managers and C-level executives in 1,500 accounts, in 6 regions across the globe.


Symantec asked us to engage across multiple sectors and with new decision makers in a comprehensive international campaign over 6 regions to push the security conversation into the boardroom. A secondary goal was to engage and enable sales to deliver a consistent message across all regions. It was critical to understand (for a new Symantec audience) the decision making unit challenges, deliver content consistently to this audience in an engaging way and ensure the sales teams have the tools to deliver the message alongside all marketing activity. And we had to do this in 6 languages globally!


The campaign was designed to take a new Symantec message to the boardroom and technical contacts in a consistent and culturally representative way. It was for this reason that multiple personas were created.
  • Creating 6 audience personas
  • Mapping 5 solution sub-categories onto these personas
  • Building 90 individual assets across 6 languages for the target personas and sales
  • Deployed through an outbound communication framework
This was Symantec’s first international campaign to engage such a broad group of audiences under one consistent messaging platform.


A combination of soft and hard measurements were used to assess performance, combining communication engagement metrics for short term results and longer term ‘number of bookings influenced by marketing’ for longer term results, this enabled us to continually evaluate the program across the sales cycle.
  • Engagement rates averaging 32% of addressable market.
  • Click-through rates as high as 17%.
  • Quarter-on-quarter increase of 85% in the number of sales influenced by marketing.
  • The results were outstanding – with tens of millions of dollars of pipeline value generated and an ROI of 101:1.


The campaign was recognised with a Silver Award for Best International Campaign at the B2B Marketing Awards, 2018 and then went on to win Best Lead Generation Campaign of the Year award at Computing's Tech Marketing & Innovations Awards, 2019.

Since launching the global program we’ve seen stronger collaboration between sales and marketing, helping us to focus more effectively on key accounts, shortening the sales cycle and delivering larger value opportunities to the business. We’re now entering a new phase in our ABM approach with Enigma, and we’re looking forward to even better results in the coming months.

Nicola Rix
  • Senior Marketing Manager
  • Symantec

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