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The origins of business

Enigma had run a very successful LinkedIn campaign for Tata Consultancy Services – an IT services, consulting and business solutions organization – that targeted CFOs. TCS was keen to extend this success to other audiences, via social platforms. However, the COVID-19 pandemic had reached its peak and businesses were flooding digital channels to reach out to prospects. For this new campaign to be successful, Enigma would have to work much harder to capture attention, delivering a campaign with breakthrough creativity.


TCS tasked Enigma with supporting their brand awareness and lead generation across 1,200+ specific accounts. The target was 210 net new leads spread across three programmes –Cybersecurity, Supply Chain Management and Optimization, and Future of Work. To achieve this, Enigma needed a creative proposition that resonated with target accounts across Europe – despite huge competition for the audience’s attention. The aim was to operate the campaigns as ‘always-on’ activity, acquiring net new leads TCS sales could nurture moving forward. A wide range of digital media was therefore needed to raise awareness for the propositions.


Enigma used LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and third-party Content Syndication to form the structure that formed the skeleton of a creative-driven approach. The proposition: businesspeople are still people. They bring their humanity to work and – just as people enjoy looking at animal pictures in their free time – why shouldn’t business decision makers enjoy the same pleasures. The campaign used striking images; but the challenge for Enigma’s content team was to find clear parallels between behaviours in the animal kingdom and the behaviours that TCS address through their technology. The approach identified ‘superpowers’ for a particular species that could be directly linked to a particular TCS solution: so, for example, whales communicating over great distances is a metaphor for remote working This approach worked for a number of reasons. In a sea of very bland imagery, these photographs immediately catch the eye. The ads are clever and unusual – after all, it’s not every day that blue whales are offered as a metaphor for remote working. They also acknowledge the audience’s intelligence: rather than ‘spoon feed’ them with information, they are encouraged to ‘join the dots’ for themselves – and there’s pleasure to be taken from doing so. Finally, it’s such a confident approach: one image, three lines of copy – it’s not trying to ‘bully’ the reader into clicking on a link.


Enigma quickly surpassed TCS’s target by 50% and generated brand awareness across all 1,200+ target accounts.

In a sea of ‘me-too’ content, the 'Origins of business' campaign really stood out. The previous activity Enigma ran for TCS had been a huge success – and we would have been more than happy if the Origins campaign had simply matched it. But in fact, it blew them away! The images captured viewers’ attention – but the heart of this campaign was how the content team mapped our capabilities to animal behaviours. The approach worked brilliantly – not only raising awareness of TCS in every target account, but surpassing the lead generation target by 50% with the campaign still running...

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