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New brand identity reflects global status

From reduced power consumption to significantly lower carbon emissions, there are many benefits Verne Global's customers get from Iceland's only data center. As the number of clients using Verne Global grew, the brand needed to evolve to reflect the company’s standing as a credible, established part of the data center sector.

Verne global brand guidelines


The Verne brand needed to become instantly recognisable, regardless of the circumstances, from trade show stands to print ads, from every online iteration through to branding the data center itself. And, of course, it had to be consistent throughout, supporting the application of the brand in any conceivable set of circumstances. Typography, icons and design abstracts brought the brand to life, highlighted by the main design theme, which was based around two key elements of the Verne proposition.


Enigma developed a set of guidelines to ensure no matter where or how the branding needed to be applied, there was guidance to ensure maximum impact. Grids, geometric shapes, and interlinking lines were used in conjunction with a bold new typeface. This was supported by the development of a colour palette that enables it to stand out and work well in a variety of settings, without looking repetitive or over-used.
Verne global popup stand


Verne's website needed to be dynamic and responsive, and reflect the new brand. The Enigma team assessed what content it needed to present and what ideas it needed to convey. We developed the site on our home-grown open-source platform, Lackey, which we used to create one of the most exciting elements of the new Verne site - the Hub, a dynamic knowledge centre drawing together content from multiple sources.

Just as Verne had grown as a business, the brand had to evolve too in order to reflect Verne’s position as a credible, established player in the data center sector.

Martin Simcock
  • Managing Director
  • Enigma Marketing

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