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360-degree video tour takes you to the heart of an Icelandic data centre

When you operate a high availability, 100% green energy data center in Iceland, you have to face up to the challenge that many customers and prospects are not going to be able to visit your facility to see it – no matter how much they’d like to. For our client Verne Global, this is the challenge we’ve been helping them overcome through a combination of great content and virtual reality (VR).

360º GoPro rig


Building on the success of an earlier VR-based project, there were some specific goals we had in mind – like making things really easy to use and making the story as human as we could. Giving users a close-up view of the data center campus and its facilities was obviously important. But more than that, we wanted to show the expert knowledge of key Verne staff and explain the significance of the Icelandic location. Shooting outdoors is always likely to be a challenge – even if the weather is favourable, light levels and background noise can fluctuate. On this occasion the background noise in one of the server rooms had to be sampled and then filtered out using a noise stamp. We also had to deal with an ultra-slim camera rig that was being blown about by strong winds. But perhaps the most novel situation the crew found themselves in was having to run for cover during each filming session; shooting in 360-degrees means no one gets to stand behind the camera.


Our video production crew flew to Reykjavik for two days to shoot footage of the Verne Global data center facility, interview key Verne personnel, and capture some of Iceland’s breathtaking scenery. The combination of which helped create a video that demonstrates the unique technical capabilities of the data center, which was further enhanced by adding layers of information at the post-production stage. These showcased the advantages of the location and the expertise of Verne’s staff. A skeleton crew of just four set off for two days filming in Iceland. Day One saw mostly external shots with Day Two used for the server rooms and to-camera spokesperson elements. The film crew used a combination of six GoPro cameras, shooting in 4K, and all attached to a single rig to film in 360-degrees; audio was recorded separately to ensure the best possible playback.


The chief task in post-production is to stitch together the output from all six cameras and create a coherent, 360-degree video. Audio and dialogue need to be synced, and any minor stitching blemishes need to be cloned out. In addition to that, all the effects, labels and highlighting had to be added. But all without the benefit of being able to see the finished video, which is only available once everything has been completed and the right metadata had been injected so the video plays in 360-degrees.

No two shoots are ever going to be identical, and when you’re filming in 360-degrees the challenges can be complex. This was a great project to work on – we learned a great deal and I was really happy with the finished product.

Jake Whiteman
  • Head of Video Production
  • Enigma

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