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Verne Global needed to replace its old website with one that was in tune with its new brand ID. Enigma developed a completely new open source platform that allowed us to build the site that Verne needed, to exude its brand values in step with the market it operates in.


Verne already had a library of great content including blog posts, discussion papers, and videos that we, and the client, wanted to make sure was shown off to maximum effect. We mapped all the insight, information and ideas we needed to convey, focusing on the ontology and pre-UX stages: what are we trying to say, who do we need to engage with, what’s the best mechanism for doing that?


A lot of time and energy was invested in assessing what needed to be achieved before we set out trying to achieve it; measure twice, cut once, as the saying goes. Rather than focus on building wireframes, our early thoughts were on the challenges of building the site so that complex data is able to tell a compelling story and project the perfect brand image.
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We soon realised we needed an element of control and flexibility that we could only inject via our own open source platform, Lackey. It’s allowed us to have a perfect blend of technically robust and sophisticated development with ease of use and rapid deployment, which will be invaluable for ensuring the Verne website always remains fresh and up-to-date.

We worked with an extended team in different countries and timezones, so collaboration tools were an intrinsic part of everything we did; the key to a successful outcome was always going to be having complete transparency between the whole project team.

Richard Chapman
  • Digital Director
  • Enigma Marketing
Verne global website

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