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Xerox Expedition: A European Adventure
Engaging the channel to drive millions in closed revenue



Xerox wanted a partner incentive programme for their Middle East and Africa partner base that would increase sales by persuading customers to exchange old machines for new models. Enigma devised and created a game-based incentive - ‘Expedition – a European Adventure’ – that engaged the channel and generated thousands of new deals worth millions of dollars in closed revenue.


Xerox’s Middle East and Africa partners had been focusing their efforts on selling printer supplies to existing customers and going after net new sales. This left the customer base on old outmoded printers and susceptible to competitor activity. The European Adventure incentive enabled partners to register new product details in return for which they received points enabling them to (virtually) journey across Europe and win the game.The incentive was conceived to ensure partners placed equal focus on upselling existing customers to modern printers with enhanced features, providing commercial benefits for both the partner and Xerox.


Digital and physical marketing communications directed partners to the incentive portal (developed by Enigma) which comprised the user sign-up, incentive details (including the prizes on offer and terms and conditions), eligible machines, a deal registration form, a leader board and supporting sales enablement materials. Partners were notified when deals were approved to encourage them to check their ranking on the leader board for the main Catalan Adrenaline Adventure prize.

The portal’s backend system allowed Xerox to administer the incentive, including a tool which validated partner deals against an approved SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) list which was updated daily, ensuring the deal registration and approval process was administered with ease.

In-market activity took place over a 6-month period and was so successful that Xerox decided to extend the activity for a further 3 months. To maintain engagement, promotional emails were sent out to each participant, advising them of the main prize leader board positions, providing details of monthly Amazon voucher winners and promoting the components of the main prize.


Participants more than trebled when compared with the previous year’s incentive, resulting in tens of thousands of page views with an average duration of over ten minutes! Overall, the incentive generated thousands of deals representing millions of pounds in closed revenue.

Enigma’s portal for our Winners’ Club 2018 Incentive fit our requirements perfectly. Our users got a fun, interactive site that was easy to use; and from the increase in visits and deal submissions from last year, it looks like Enigma’s creative vision really captured their imaginations. Behind the scenes the team supplied a back-end and comms plan that made our jobs a whole lot easier too.

Ian Cooper
  • Channel Marketing Manager
  • Xerox

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