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Xura 720º - A unique, immersive 720º VR experience that really turned heads at MWX

Xura used Mobile World Congress to announce the merger of Acision and Comverse and explain its proposition. Influencing an educated, tech savvy audience at a prestigious event, needed a big bang to launch the new brand proposition of disrupting digital and helping CSPs and enterprises to #GoBeyond.


Enigma came up with a unique VR concept which took the scenic HD images from Xura's new #GoBeyond brand guidelines and stitched them together to create an infinite HD landscape over which we told the brand story.


Delivered using Unity / Android via the Samsung Gear VR, we were able to create an untethered interaction model which let the user explore the brand story within a VR environment; where standing in the clouds was made even more memorable by the billowing dry ice on the MWC stand.

Xura 720º Panoramic Landscape


What could be better to demonstrate innovation in the mobile arena than VR? Well, how about a world-first public demo of a 720º VR experience, that reveals an ever-expanding landscape of possibilities right before the viewer's eyes as they turn round on the spot? We decided that would be better, especially as a way to show the infinite possibilities our client's cutting edge tech offers.

The 720º canvas concept we came up with is a media first and, coupled with the Samsung Gear VR headset, creates a uniquely immersive experience.

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