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Getting Arrested

The explosion in channels and data has induced a collective ADHD among the business community: the more we are deluged with information, the more likely we are to move onto the next email, the next post, the next challenge. That’s why Enigma creates arresting campaigns – communications that stop you in your tracks and command attention.

Symantec Confidence redefined ABM program

Account-Based Marketing

ABM takes marketing beyond a volumetric approach that simply stuffs the sales funnel with MQLs and hopes for the best. ABM is a philosophy that re-engineers the relationship between sales and marketing and puts the customer at the heart of the organisation’s thinking. It’s not simply about generating leads – it’s about enabling quality interactions between the sales team and the customers that focus on addressing their specific needs and which deliver value at every step.

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ABM Accelerator

Our ABM Accelerator increases time to value for ABM activity by putting intent data at the heart of a sophisticated and planning-led approach to account selection. Our planners work with clients to identify the Total Addressable Market for their proposition, selecting and prioritising accounts using criteria such as account intelligence and relationships, sales/marketing resource, relevant content, proof points/use cases and estimated short and long-term deal values. We then use intent data to identify the tiny proportion of the overall market (typically 3-5%) that are actively looking for a solution like yours – delivering value in months rather than years.

Demand/Lead generation

We’ve got over 25 years experience in lead generation, so you’re in the best of hands. We use all media channels to help find and attract your audience. From initial planning and messaging development through to execution and reporting, we create integrated marketing programmes using the hub and bespoke methodology. This ensures we choose the right channels and tactics to amplify your message and drive long-lasting engagement. And it’s all based on knowing your prospective audience inside-out.

Channel marketing

Channel has a different meaning for different clients. It might involve an incentive programme for Tier 3 resellers. Or it could be nurturing relationships with the world’s largest systems integrators. Increasingly, it’s about implementing ABM programs that focus marketing efforts on select channel partners. Whatever your challenge is, we’ve got the answers to help you reach, grow and activate your channel. And in our partner programmes, we’ll do all the heavy lifting to let your channel perform to your KPIs.

MarTech/Marketing automation

The fundamental goal of MarTech is to enhance the customer experience – and that can only be done by empowering customers to take their journey, not by forcing them on a journey of our choosing. We work with clients using different MarTech stacks to ensure that everybody – marketing, sales, customer success and product development teams – are working together to generate a single source of truth across the life-cycle of the customer experience. Putting the individual customer at the heart of what we do improves integration and enables us to deliver truly personalised information.

Content marketing

Did we miss a meeting? All marketing is content marketing, isn’t it? How do you go to market without content? Don’t worry – we get the idea; we just don’t get caught up in the hype. It’s about giving people the stuff they need, at the time they need it, in the form in which they wish to consume it –in the channel of their preference, right? But we’ve been doing that stuff for decades. OK, we have video production gurus and digital dev guys as well as copywriters; and we’ve added MarTech experts and ABM specialists to our media buyers. But, at the end of the day, it’s either great marketing or it isn’t.

Sales enablement

Marketing and Aretha Franklin have much in common – all they want is a little respect. Lack of alignment with Sales has held Marketing back for too long – but that is changing. ABM, MQLs and a bunch of other acronyms are driving that change; but the (not so) common denominator is about giving the sales team what they need to sell more complex solutions. From sales presentation decks through to high-value tools like TCO calculators and risk assessments, we ensure your sales teams are empowered to take the customer conversation up the value chain.

Internal communications

The hallmarks of effective internal communications are trust and transparency; and these qualities are mutually dependent – you can’t have one without the other. We are typically called in by clients in times of significant change or when divisions have started to appear: we engage with senior management to develop the messages and narratives that will enable transparency; and we take the time to understand your organisational structure and how information flows through the business in order to create effective communications that restore trust.

Worldpay Rethink

Customer advocacy and loyalty

Delighted customers are your most powerful sales people. Advocacy should flow naturally from delight, but companies often struggle to get more than a case study from even the most satisfied customers.  Advocacy is about mobilising support through the creation of communities where customers and prospects are able to interact, providing authentic experiences and extending your reach into the marketplace. Enigma can help you to create engaging online spaces that support your marketing objectives by facilitating recommendations, referrals, references and more.

Whether you need assistance with an ABM campaign, to improve engagement with channel partners or to take content marketing to the next level, just get in touch.

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