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Passion with Purpose

Our work is driven by insight but we lead with design. Our Studio teams combine passion with purpose: of course, we constantly monitor the latest trends in design, technology and MarTech – but it’s got to be more than buzzwords, pretty pictures or cunning wordplay to cut through.

VTCT Brand development

Concept development

Our studio teams ensure the distinctiveness of what they do by researching competitor brands. What territories remain unclaimed? What approaches have not been tried? What weaknesses are revealed? This research combines with the planning work to create a platform for creativity, one that empowers the brand to be more than just a pretty face.

Brand and identity

Brand guidelines are all too often bland guidelines:  tramlines that constrain thinking rather than a playing field on which creative execution can get a proper workout. And good branding – clever branding – is multi-dimensional: not only is it a visually arresting piece of design, but it also tells a story about the brand it represents. When we create a brand, we provide a clear articulation of what the brand stands for whilst allowing the breathing space for imagination to do its work.

Video and Animation

We don’t make videos for the sake of it. As creative professionals with a broad range of skills, we’ll identify your core message to deliver something totally unique. We specialise in the fantastic, inspiring your viewers with a combination of creative scripts, high-end production, eye-catching animations and unique post-production styles. We continually push ourselves to do better, and we push the boundaries within the studio to make sure we deliver the best possible results.

Editorial and Copy

Writing is easy: it’s knowing what to say that’s often difficult. Working with the insights generated through the planning phase is often a good start. But, whether it’s based on breaking news, recent research or industry analysis, we need to offer a fresh opinion if we are to garner the attention of time-poor and data overloaded businesspeople. And that’s as true for a whitepaper as a blog post.

Digital development

No matter how much you learn – no matter how much time is invested in keeping up-to-date with any digital technology that might become part of a solution for a client – every project is a journey of discovery. We are always confronted with a problem – that might be to do with process flows, the User Interface or an innovation – but never fail to find a solution. We are enablers, squaring the circle between the needs of the client, the ambitions of the design team – and the budgets available. We like to think that we specialise in the art of the impossible.

Augmented and virtual reality

Enigma was among the first agencies to identify the potential of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality to deliver arresting marketing campaigns. And these technologies are reaching a tipping point where the practical limitations of cost, complexity and connectivity are being overcome: development is getting easier, devices are getting smaller and superfast 5G networks are moving out of the labs and into the real world – talk to us about using VR/AR in your world.

Whether you need assistance with an ABM campaign, to improve engagement with channel partners or to take content marketing to the next level, just get in touch.

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