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Strategy and planning is the start of every process. We need to uncover a fresh understanding of customers’ behaviours and needs to drive a compelling proposition or fuel a successful campaign. And, as we can’t breathe life into an idea that’s DOA, we’ll challenge a brief if that’s necessary to do great work.


Think of a brand, product or service that you admire and you can be sure its got really clear positioning. Customers know exactly what to expect from it. If your customers can't assign real value to the thing you stand for, then you will lose out from the moment you go to market. We draw on a deep understanding of B2B technology and interpret a mix of market, customer, competitor, and internal stakeholder insight; then use approaches developed by the likes of Jack Trout (Positioning; The Battle for Your Mind), Simon Sinek (Start with Why) and Geoff Moore (Crossing the Chasm) to deliver powerful, contextual and relevant positions to which customers can align.

Proposition development

Let’s be honest, the B2B tech market is littered with propositions even the most astute IT people find challenging to understand! And, with technology decisions increasingly being made outside of the IT function - by people with a nominal level of tech acumen - then complex, ill-structured propositions spell 'failure'. We make the complex, compelling, structured and clear: we objectively rationalise your propositions - from  a customers’ vantage point and with a view on the market - so that they engage, inform and sell.

Media channels

When it comes to knowing your audience, we go deeper than simply discovering what drives their business decisions. We scan the market to discover the locations – on- and off-line – where people gather to have the conversations you want to be part of, turning research into actionable insight. This informs our channel planning and how we structure and align KPIs to the tactics we believe will work best against your objectives. Our specialist understanding of global tech buyers gives you the best possible results. We’ll also keep you informed on the latest trends in what your audiences are reading, watching and downloading, across both paid and organic media.

Data research & analysis

‘Data-driven’ is the hottest buzzword in the marketing lexicon. The new ‘fuel of business’, data comes in many forms – first and third party research, behavioural, intent, customer contacts and digital engagement. But data and insight are not synonymous: value lies in the insight we extract from data, not the data itself. At a time when too many marketers are drowning in data, we help you identify the insight you need, where to find it and how to use it - quickly and without fuss. We collate, analyse and interpret data, leveraging insights so you address the most active audiences with the most compelling propositions, delivered through engaging and measurable programs.

Whether you need assistance with an ABM campaign, to improve engagement with channel partners or to take content marketing to the next level, just get in touch.

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