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The Ghosts of Christmas Past

Every December - without fail - we launch our agency Christmas card; and every year we try to out-do the last. This year's theme is a 90's Christmas classic! Scroll down to see how this Christmas institution has evolved over the years.

2019 Stay Another Day

As the song (almost) says, we’ve come so far now. Enigma was founded 25 years ago and to celebrate this milestone, our studio wizards – with a lot of help from around the company – have crafted this seasonal video. Based on the record that was the Christmas #1 in 1994 – the year Enigma was founded – it features all the staff (and some of their pets!). Here’s to another 25 years!


2018 The Enigma Express

In the Polar Express, children that don’t believe in Father Christmas are whisked off to the North Pole (you can draw your own metaphors for battle-weary marketers that have stopped believing you can inject real creativitity into B2B marketing!). All aboard the Enigma express.

2017 Upstairs Downstairs

When the bell rings, we come running… this was a joy to produce and we’re delighted with the result. The only problem is how will we top it next year?


2016 The Pre School Play

This one really was child’s play… the teachers kept us all check in for a tip-top performance. You can take a closer look for yourself here.


2015 Enigma’s Big Night Out

For our most technically ambitious – you might even say experimental – card yet, we orchestrated a takeover of a local nightclub to see the reformed Sleigher in all their glory. Watch the video here.


2014 Santa’s Workshop

It’s all in the making… and for our 20th anniversary the team was busily making toys for all you lucky boys and girls. Check out its very own website too.


2013 Sleigher Pub Gig

It’s Chriiiiiiiistmaaas! And our Enigma rock stars, Sleigher, packed out the local pub to entertain an unlikely bunch. See how thrilled everyone looks..? You can check out the band’s website here.


2012 The Grotto

A lovely bunch of happy children wait patiently (or not) to see our very own Santa Simcock. Naughty or nice? We’ll leave that one with you.


2011 Christmas Dinner

You rarely get the whole family around the dining table, buts it’s magic when you do… especially in 1970. That wallpaper though..!!


2010 White Christmas

It might look a little bit like A Clockwork Orange to you, but this is no wind-up – we’re the palest mime troupe you could wish for. We painted our faces, wore white and mimed the Christmas classic White Christmas.


2009 The Toy Shop

Every year there is a must-have toy, and the same goes at Enigma. So, who’s your favourite?


2008 The Enigma Family

Inspired by the Royle Family – not to be confused with the ones from Buckingham Palace – this captures the dysfunctional Enigma family in all their glory as they settle down for an evening in front of the TV.


2007 The Usual Christmas Suspects

We donned our best fancy dress costumes to portray the stereotypical Christmas characters. Why does everyone look so miserable..? If you were ignored for 51 weeks of the year, you probably would too.


2006: Rocking around the Christmas tree

A classic tale of a 1950s family Christmas. Everyone looks so young. And have you seen the state of that carpet?


Hungry for more? Grab yourself a mince pie, kick back and watch some of our classic Christmas videos here.

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